Call Gary at 604-805-3524 to have your muscle car restored to perfection!

Call Gary to discuss your next project. 604-805-3524

Gary Grant has been repairing, restoring and detailing cars since he could drive. His passion for a well sorted out car has driven him to learn all there is to know about restoring a muscle car. He carefully dismantles and preps the cars to go to the body shop and then meticulously assembles the cars back to factory specs…or nice summer drivers.
Full restorations available as well as just completing the last 10% percent of your project!

"I recently had Gary carry out a full restoration of my 69 Z-28. The job was essentially a complete re-doing of an incompetent ‘restoration’ performed by another local shop. The results were amazing."
Grant J. Russell
" I was introduced to Gary Grant six years ago. I went to his garage and it was immaculate, all organized, parts labeled, plastic covering engines and frames to keep any dust out. I would say he is a little “anal” about dust, but that’s a good thing."
Bob Brody
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