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Gary Grant has been repairing, restoring and detailing cars since he could drive. His passion for a well sorted out car has driven him to learn all there is to know about restoring a muscle car. He carefully dismantles and preps the cars to go to the body shop and then meticulously assembles the cars back to factory specs…or nice summer drivers.
Full restorations available as well as just completing the last 10% percent of your project!


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I recently had Gary carry out a full restoration of my 69Z.  The job was essentially a complete re-doing of an incompetent ‘restoration’ performed by another local shop.  The results were amazing.  Gary brought his years of experience and technical knowledge to restore the car to complete originality, far exceeding OEM standards in terms of fit and finish.  His attention to detail was second to none – whether the cockpit, the engine bay, or behind the dash – and the bill was absolutely fair and reasonable.  Most importantly, Gary is trustworthy in every respect.

Looking for the right restorer can be as tough as finding the right classic car.  Look no further.

Grant J. Russell

I was introduced to Gary Grant six years ago. I went to his garage and it was immaculate, all organized, parts labeled, plastic covering engines and frames to keep any dust out. I would say he is a little “anal” about dust, but that’s a good thing.

Gary did a complete frame off restoration on my 67 SS 427 convertible, the car should have been crushed, lots of rust, but Gary brought it back to life. To Gary the underside of a car is just as important as the top side, and it shows when the car is finished. We took the car to the 2012 MCACN in Chicago and scored 985/1000, minor things that were beyond Garys control like a scratch on an original piece of chrome and a dust flake on the engine. We also won the celebrity “Best of Show” award

Gary also restored my 67 Impala SS convertible for me, same pride of workmanship and a fantastic job. Gary always notifies you of any unforeseen situations, giving you different options, and if there are any additional costs involved. He is always up front and a pleasure to deal with. I often felt he did not charge enough, as he puts himself in your shoes.

In the past year he has worked on my 67 Corvette, replacing  a ratty wiring job with a complete new wiring harness from front bumper to rear bumper, along with installing a date coded power steering unit.

I can honestly say you will not be in better hands. If you have a suspension problem, want a new interior, a frame on restoration or even a complete body off restoration, Gary is your man. You will be glad you did.

Bob Brody

Triple G Muscle Car’s shop is a purpose built facility usd to assemble the cars. Most Body work is done at another facility to ensure a clean environment.

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